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As many state governors shift to fewer restrictions under “safer-at-home” guidelines, what does this mean for how real estate businesses can operate?  Some states classified real estate leasing, buying, and selling as an essential service. In other states, real estate activities became “non-essential” to how local economies would function in the short term. And in […]

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The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic drastically affected the financial situations of residential and commercial tenants. What does that mean for property managers and landlords, and how might they change their operations moving forward? Landlords Must Review Stipulations About Rent Increases and Evictions The coronavirus pushed some legislators to pass regulations barring landlords from taking some actions […]

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Documents are often an overlooked thing in many areas. How often do you get a bill, invoice, or receipt of some sort and then just kind of pile it up on top of other documents you’ve received? The only time people think about the collections of documents is during tax season. As someone who spent […]

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