Our Team

Levi Pino

Licensed General Contractor

VP of Construction and Maintenance

Hometown: Pueblo, CO
Interests: Epoxy and fine woodworking, building and restoring cars

Responsible for all things construction, he oversees architecture and design, coordinates subcontractors and maintains the schedules and budget for each project. Levi grew up in southern Colorado and later moved to Fort Collins, where her stayed for 13 years. He now enjoys the mild climate and relaxed lifestyle of the Western Slope. Levi is married to Alisha and brother of Ivy and Elise.

Alisha Pino

VP of Finance and Marketing

Hometown: Ault, CO
Interests: Going to concerts, spending time with friends and family

Alisha is responsible for all administrative facets of the company including accounts payable/receivable, overseeing CPA, tax planning, executing contracts, and maintaining insurances. She also oversees all online and offline marketing. Having grown up in a rural area she enjoys the small town feel and warmth of the community on the Western slope. Alisha is married to Levi.

Ray Beville

VP of Sales and Acquisitions

Hometown: Grand Junction, CO
Interests: Fishing, hunting, and camping

Having worked in various construction trades over the years, Ray now focuses primarily on building relationships with area agents and working one-on-one with homeowners facing circumstances that require unique solutions. He is a native of the Western Slope, enjoys all things outdoors and loves being part of a community that is centered around those activities. Ray is married to Ivy.

Ivy Beville

Chief Operations Officer

Hometown: Pueblo, CO
Interests: Biking, hiking, crafting and reading

Having served as Administrative Director of her family’s construction company for several years, Ivy’s experience and extensive knowledge of construction operations has proven to be a valuable asset for both new build construction and rehab projects. Her favorite thing about the Western Slope is the beautiful scenery and abundant outdoor recreation. Ivy is married to Ray and sister of Levi and Elise.

Eric Flukey

VP of Development

Hometown: Grand Junction, CO
Interests: Horseback riding, camping, stand up paddle boarding, and mountain biking

Eric specializes in land development and large, multi-family building projects. His expertise allows us to better leverage business connections, distribute the workload, and pursue residential development projects that would be otherwise formidable. Native to the area, Eric loves the Grand Valley because of its easy access to the outdoors.

Elise Van Vuuren

Marketing Director

Hometown: Pueblo, CO
Interests: Playing music, vintage gaming, hiking and camping Horseback riding, camping, stand up paddle boarding, and mountain biking

Elise provides general administrative support to members of SCF Partners and is responsible for managing the company’s social media platforms and official website. She currently resides in Denver with her husband, daughter and dog; but loves the beautiful scenery and slower pace of the Western Slope. Elise is the sister of Levi and Ivy.