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Why Real Estate Investors Make Great Clients For Agents

April 22, 2019

Are you wondering what the best clients to work with are to advance your real estate career? There are many different career opportunities in real estate. While some real estate agents and brokers prefer to work with homebuyers, others decide to specialize in working with property investors. Both niches have their advantages and disadvantages, but […]


The Best Flooring Options to Replace Pet-Damaged Carpets

April 15, 2019

As a pet owner you know that accidents happen. There are a variety of reasons why our four-legged friends do their business or act out inside the house and on the floor. Maybe they’re marking their territory, or their anxiety may be manifesting in their clawing at the carpet. However, your home is probably your […]


Welcome (Or Not)! Here They Come.

April 8, 2019

We at Smart Choice know just how fun it can be to personalize a home. One of the first things a guest will see is a welcome mat. This seemingly insignificant rectangle can really set the mood for the home. Check out our list of The Most Entertaining Welcome (or unwelcome) Mats. We’re sure you’d […]


6 Great Reasons to Sell Your Rental Property

April 1, 2019

It’s not uncommon to hear landlords speak of the day they’ll eventually sell their rental properties. It’s spoken of as an inevitability, but there are no laws requiring the eventual sale of an investment property. As long as the property is bringing in cash flow, primary or supplemental income; a rental property can support the […]


Vintage, But New: How to Give Old Furniture a Fresh New Look

March 25, 2019

When it comes to furnishing your home, you don’t have to visit a pricey furniture store. You may find that the perfect pieces come at very affordable rates and just require a little elbow grease. When you give vintage furniture a new makeover, you can choose the exact colors and finishes that you want, and […]


Safety, As Easy As ABC: Always Be Careful

March 18, 2019

Safety first! Whether you’re a seasoned professional or new to DIY, these tips will help you prevent disasters on projects big and small. IF you follow our facebook page, you know that Co-owner Levi Pino likes to share his experience buy providing an inside look on home improvement projects of varying skill levels. Growing up […]


Swept Under the Rug: When Sellers Don’t Disclose EVERYTHING

March 11, 2019

Whether you’ve been through the homebuying process before or not, this is a task with it’s fair share of down sides. And though we like to give others the benefit of the doubt, expecting full transparency, it’s not uncommon for home sellers to sugar coat the least appealing traits of the home by conveniently “forgetting” […]


Selling A Property With Tenants

March 4, 2019

Q&A: How Do I Sell A Rental Property With Tenants? When you decide it’s time to sell your rental property, there are two main courses of action you can take as a landlord: Waiting for the lease to expire before selling, or selling while your tenants are still living in the home. There are benefits […]


What Is An Upside-Down Mortgage?

February 25, 2019


When you buy a home, you hope the value will appreciate over time so you’ll be able to build equity. Of course, it doesn’t always work out that way. Home values in neighborhoods can rise sharply for relatively simple reasons such as a major improvement in public transportation. Home values can also plummet. These fluctuations can […]


What You Need To Know About Radon Gas

February 18, 2019

Important Questions about Radon that you Should be Asking What is Radon? Why is Radon a Problem? How does Radon Enter a Home? How do I test my Home for Radon? What should I do if I have Radon in my Home? Important Facts You Should Know About Radon  What is Radon Gas? Radon is […]