There’s so much to love about fall: the return of Sunday morning football, sweater weather, a warm and frothy beverage (don’t worry—we won’t say the P-word), and, of course, the chance to decorate your home to match the natural beauty of the season.

But unfortunately, it can be challenging to find fall decor items that don’t look like you’ve unleashed an explosion of hideous black and orange in your home. So how can you go about achieving that autumnal aesthetic—in the most elegant way possible? Keep reading for six original and classy decor ideas that don’t involve a single orange pumpkin.

1. White pumpkins

Hey, we didn’t say no pumpkins at all. This fall, try decorating your home’s exterior with a collection of white pumpkins and green gourds for a festive palette.

“White is the new orange,” says Eva Bowker, home improvement expert for Fantastic Handyman. “White pumpkins can be a great addition to your elegant fall decor since they’re somewhat unexpected and grab attention. Plus, let’s face it, orange is a little tacky and doesn’t go with every home design.”

Ready to find your perfect white pumpkins? Head to your local nursery and scoop them up before they’re gone.

2. Grass wreaths

Photo by In Sight Designs Unlimited 

“Autumn seems to be the season of nature and so having a little in your home is a fitting addition,”says Neil Partridge of NGI Design. “With a dried arrangement, you’re able to include a range of different colors featuring an autumnal tone that brings your interior and the season together.”

Toss a few fall-colored wreaths on your front door, and set up some dried arrangements throughout your home to keep the autumn vibes going strong.

3. Decorative corn

Much like the color schemes in natural dried wreaths, decorative corn (also called Indian corn) is the perfect fall decor piece that can be used all the way up to the changing of seasons.

“The one go-to corn for me is the purple variety,” says Kim Depole, creative director of Depole Design. “Enjoy it as a tabletop arrangement and include ribbon in shades of deep plum or violet for a nice contrast.”

To find the best selection of decorative corn, Depole recommends shopping your local specialty health store.

4. Burlap (and velvet)

It might sound strange, but this fall we’re all about combining burlap and velvet for the ultimate autumnal vignettes. The unexpected juxtaposition of rustic with luxe will give your space both depth and texture.

“My go-to material is burlap,” Depole says. “It looks great as a runner on the mantel or a tabletop cover, and the edges can be pulled to add some texture. Adding an edge of velvet trim in burgundy or brown really dresses up the look.”

Buy as much fabric as you need for your tabletops by shopping the selection at Jo-Ann stores.

5. Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums come in a variety of hues—from lush purple to golden yellow and even pure white—and will give your outdoor space the pop of color it needs.

“During the fall season, everything is brown and red, and while it is a beautiful time of the year, it can often become a little boring,” Partridge says. “With the addition of something like a purple mum, you’ll be able to add that splash of color and produce a focal point that draws the attention of guests.”

Head to your local garden store or nursery to pick out the perfect color combo for you.

6. Copper accents

With all the warm hues happening in your home, there’s no better way to complete the autumnal glow than with a few copper accent pieces.

“Fall is all about creating warm, welcoming spaces, and copper accent pieces are great for that,” Bowker says. “Pair them with wooden pieces and yellow flowers, and you’ll have a finished look.

“Just remember not to go too wild with the copper; otherwise you risk your fall decor looking tacky,” she adds.

Find unique copper vases and other accent pieces on Etsy.

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