We at Smart Choice know just how fun it can be to personalize a home. One of the first things a guest will see is a welcome mat. This seemingly insignificant rectangle can really set the mood for the home. Check out our list of The Most Entertaining Welcome (or unwelcome) Mats. We’re sure you’d agree, not all doormats are pushovers.

Just for “kicks”! See how many visitors fall for this one. 

Plain and simple

The friendly foot stop

Just another way to say “step off”

For the recurrent unwelcome visitors

This one leaves little room for doubt

For homes with a cover charge

Gives a new meaning to “open house”

Most inconspicuous

It’s not about the destination, but the Journey

Need a new stoop for that fun mat? Contact us! We specialize in buying and selling newly renovated homes on Colorado’s Western Slope.